About this Tool

This tool is provided free of charge, there are already a number of Tools like this one, available in various places across the internet. We are later than our predecessors in creating such a tool – but we are better. The nearest, free service we could find – http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/web-sites-on-web-server/, which states it has 60 million domains, we’ve launched with well over 140 million domains in our dataset. The MySQL table is well over 8GB in size.

We recheck each domain every 90 days, in the future we will investigate ways to reduce this down to 30 day cycles, by hyper-threading.

Why might this tool be useful?

A large percentage of websites on the internet share IP addresses. This means that your website could be hosted on the same server and IP as porn, malware, phising, or any number of bad ailments.

Its widely understood that Google and other large search engines can use IP addresses as a means to penalise low quality websites. Sometimes innocent Webmasters get caught up in this – which causes websites to tank in rankings through no fault of the site owner.

Its also very useful, when researching what domain names might be linked. I.e. highlighting a Blog Network, or other kind of network of sites, all hosted in the same location and owned by the same individual or organisation.

Solution: Dedicated IP Addresses

If you want a simple solution to this potential headache, simply order hosting with a Dedicated IP Address – this is usually goign to cost extra, but will omit virtually any risk of a bad neighborhood causing you too many issues.

How do we do it?

Constantly changing [to be updated]